16 PC. Plastic Storage Containers Set with Lids

For Kitchen Pantry Organizing For Dry Food, Cereal, Pasta, Sugar, Flour, Snacks & Fruit / Clear, Stackable Organizer Container, Space Saver BPA Free

  • 8 AIRTIGHT CONTAINERS PROVIDES PERFECT SIZE FOR YOUR NEEDS — Whether you’re storing cereal, cookies, dog treats, sugar or any dry goods, our food storage containers come in 8 different sizes to accommodate whatever you need to store. Not only do these containers keep your dry food fresh, they keep your kitchen counter and cupboards neatly organized.


  • UNBREAKABLE FDA-APPROVED BPA FREE PLASTIC — Unlike other storage containers, especially dangerous glass products, our kitchen food organizer and storage set is made from unbreakable plastic that won’t crack — which means you can count on them to keep your food fresh for years to come. And, unlike using ziploc bags, our stackable containers store neatly to save space and keep you organized.


  • STORE EVERYTHING IN YOUR PANTRY FRESH, DRY, AND SAFE — Our food storage containers aren’t just for cereal, they’re ideal for nuts, snacks, sugar, rice, flour — virtually any dry food product. Plus, our storage containers are perfect to use in the freezer and microwave. The see-through plastic helps quickly identify the food, and the air tight lids lock tightly to keep everything fresh.


  • KEEP YOUR LEFTOVERS FRESH — Save your snacks, prep for dinner, and more with this budget-friendly food storage set. These BPA-free pieces are crafted from clear plastic with colored plastic tops, and they are dishwasher-, freezer- and microwave-safe for added function — we recommend removing tops in the microwave. With our beautiful stackable-design they help save on space in your pantry or refrigerator. The BPA free plastic means you only taste your food, not the container.


  • BONUS PRODUCTS — Not only do you get 8 containers and 8 lids, each food storage container package comes with a Floral silicone placemat, AND a free e-book detailing the benefits of dry food storage that’s chock full of delicious recipes. Our food storage container pack is a great value and one that you’ll use for years to preserve your food’s freshness and easily store dry goods.

Product Description

Cute Sheep’s 16-piece food storage containers set (8 containers, with 8 lids) makes a great addition to every kitchen!

Let’s be honest, once opened, keeping dry foods in the box they came in doesn’t help to keep them fresh, and storing bulky boxes in the pantry takes up valuable space. Our food storage canister containers are the better choice to keep dry foods fresh and organized on your kitchen counter and cabinets. Our food storage solution comes with 8 unbreakable plastic containers of varying sizes —perfect for storing coffee, cereal, nuts, snacks, sugar, flour, dog treats, pasta, or any other dry food.

Glass bulk storage containers are impractical and dangerous. If you have young children reaching for the cookie jar, the last thing you want is for a glass container to shatter on the floor and cutting your child. Our containers are 100% FDA approved BPA free unbreakable plastic. Which mean you never have to worry about broken glass or toxic chemicals leaching into your food.

Unlike leaving food in the original boxes, our food keepers come with secure, air-tight tops that lock in freshness — guaranteed refrigerator, freezer, and even microwave safe.

Our clear plastic stackable canisters make organization simple by letting you make the most out of smaller kitchen spaces and take away the guesswork of trying to figure out what’s in those old cloudy plastic food saver system containers.

  • Easily store pasta, beans, rice, cereal and other dry foods
  • 100% FDA-approved BPA free
  • Goes from countertop to refrigerator, freezer, and uncovered in the microwave
  • Air-tight storage keeps food fresher, meaning less waste
  • Bonus Silicone Pot Holder and Bonus eBook included with recipes and TIPS for dry food storage

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